Negotiations on licence agreements

13. 02. 2018

Primarily CzechELib intended to negotiate directly with EIRs publishers. However, due to complicated Czech legislation concerning public procurement and strict rules applying to foreign subjects, quite a few publishers decided to use their agents to represent them. Under Czech public procurement law, it is possible to sign a contract only with one subject, so it has to be either a publisher or an agent (supplier) exclusively appointed by the publisher. Currently CzechELib negotiates directly with AACR, AIP, C.H.Beck, Bisnode, Clarivate, EBSCO (as a publisher), Elsevier and JSTOR. Other publishers negotiate via appointed agents Albertina, EBSCO, SUWECO, Beck, ITSN.

Starting point for all the negotiations is the CzechELib Standard License Agreement, which contains a maximal set of license conditions. This document is only informative, the final version of license agreements will vary depending on the results of particular negotiations. All license agreements shall be closed by the end of February 2018.