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Agreements signed

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Agreements on Acquisition and Accessibility of EIRs 2018 - 2022
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License Agreements 2018

Our services

Selection of EIRs For Central Support.
Organisations of Public Tenders for EIRs supplier.
Negotiation of License Agreements and Purchase of the EIRs.
Support of Member Institutions in Access and Usage of the purchased EIRs.
Support of Member Institutions in Execution of Bibliometrical Analyses.
Administration and Interpretation of Statistics about the usage of the EIRs.


31. 8. 2018

License Agreement with SUWECO closed

Agreement with SUWECO, exklusive representative of SAE International and American Chemical Society (ACS). Read more.

2. 7. 2018

CzechELib is introducing its new director

As of July 1, Ing. Jiří Krňák took up his duties as a director of CzechELib. Jiří Krňák is an experienced manager. In past he has held key management positions in various companies such as Lego, Inter-Informatics, Howden or Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences. Among other agenda he dealt with public procurement proceses. Mr. Krňák graduated from Faculty of Mechanical Engineering CTU in Prague. Read more.

22. 5. 2018

17th meeting of the Steering Committee – May 2018

Jiří Burgstaller informed members of the Steering Committee on the state of public tenders. He stated that the deadline for signing Agreements on Provision and Availability of EIRs for member institutions was set to 4 June. Read more.

Project timeline

1. 1. 2017
Project Kick-off
1. Q 2017
Development of systems for purchasing, securing, managing and evaluating EIRs.
1. – 4. Q 2017
Collection of requests from institutions.
2. – 4. Q 2017
Elaboration of basic project methodologies and legal documents.
4. Q 2017 – 4. Q 2018
Preparation and realisation of public tenders.
4. Q 2017 - 4. Q 2018
Negotiations with EIRs suppliers.
1. – 4. Q 2018
Signatures of contracts with EIRs suppliers.
4. Q 2017 - 4. Q 2018
Signature of contracts with member institutions.
2018 - 2020
Monitoring of EIRs use.
Negotiation of EIRs purchase terms for the next period, possible gradual transition to OA.
2021 – 2022
Continuation of funding the purchase of EIRs from the state budget for RDI.
2021 – 2022
Operation of the center, possible further OA transitions.
2021 – 2022
Evaluation, recommendations for the future.
Negotiation of EIRs purchase terms for the next period.
4. Q 2022
End of the project (OP VVV) and evaluation.