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Selection of EIRs For Central Support.
Organisations of Public Tenders for EIRs supplier.
Negotiation of License Agreements and Purchase of the EIRs.
Support of Member Institutions in Access and Usage of the purchased EIRs.
Support of Member Institutions in Execution of Bibliometrical Analyses.
Administration and Interpretation of Statistics about the usage of the EIRs.


16. 1. 2018

Negotiations on licence agreements

Primarily CzechELib intended to negotiate directly with EIRs publishers. However, quite a few publishers decided to use their agents to represent them. Read more.

1. 1. 2018

New director of CzechELib

PhDr. Jan Černý has been appointed new director of CzechELib. The appointment is effective 1 January 2018. Read more.

24. 12. 2017

Calls for Public Tenders Published

Calls for tenders for EIRs suppliers have been published on Tender arena on December 22. This means that negotiations with chosen suppliers/agents can officially start. We expect all the license contracts to be closed by the end of February 2018. Read more.

Project timeline

1. Q 2017
Project Kick-off
1.–2. Q 2017
Development of systems for purchasing, securing, managing and evaluating EIZ.
1. – 3. Q 2017
Elaboration of methodologies for management, workflow, financial flows, negotiation strategy of EIZ purchase and others.
2. – 3. Q 2017
Web development and implementation of functionalities.
4. Q 2017
Signatures of contracts with domestic and foreign suppliers of EIZ.
1. Q 2018 – 4. Q 2020
Purchase / Ensure EIZ for Project Users.
Negotiation of EIZ purchase terms for the next period, possible gradual transition to OA.
2021 – 2022
Operation of the center, possible further OA transitions, evaluations, suggestions for recommendations for the future functioning of the center.
Negotiation of EIZ purchase terms for the next period.
4. Q 2022
Ending the project.