14th meeting of the Steering Committee – January 2018

13. 02. 2018

At its January meeting, the Steering Committee approved the amended Rules of Procedure. The adjustments take into account changes to the organizational structure of the MEYS and current voting practice using the per rollam procedure. Furthermore, the number of members of the Steering Committee was increased by one (without the right to vote). According to the PRINCE2 methodology, the donor, subscribers and a supplier (Director of CzechELib), who has not been a member until now, should be members of the Committee. It is therefore an alignment of the principles of management of the existing Steering Committee with the PRNCE2 methodology, while respecting the rules of OP VVV (according to these rules, the number of the Steering Committee members with the right to vote must not exceed five).

The Steering Committee was informed about the current status of the project. Jiří Burgstaller informed the committee members that on 1 January 2018, PhDr. Jan Černý became the Project Director, replacing Eva Dibuszová. Mr Burgstaller further announced that negotiated procedures without publication of a contract notice (NPWPCNs) had been launched with EIRs providers in January. Negotiations have been conducted either face-to-face or via video calls. According to Mr Burgstaller, these negotiations have been constructive and the exact specifications of the licensing conditions and other legal issues have been dealt with.

The Steering Committee approved new members of the Expert Council, Ing. Barbora Katolická and RNDr. Jiří Polach.  As of February, they will replace PhDr. Ondrej Fabian and Mgr. Lenka Němečková, who resigned from the Expert Council because of workload.