15th meeting of the Steering Committee – February 2018

03. 10. 2016

At the beginning of the meeting, Martin Svoboda explained to the members of the Steering Committee the reasons for the termination of the employment of the Director of CzechELib, Jan Černý. He further said that at this point the implementation of the project is at a stage that does not allow for this full-time position to be filled immediately. This should happen in the summer. Jiří Burgstaller became the new Director of CzechELib, via the approval of Amendment no. 14 (per rollam).  Mr Burgstaller should only perform the activities mentioned in the Amendment temporarily until a suitable candidate is recruited. Above all this means regular communication with individual guarantors and solving ad hoc situations.

Jiří Burgstaller updated the Steering Committee on the state of play of all the NPWPCNs. He noted that regular communications with a lawyer were ongoing and contracts with EIR providers and other suppliers were being finalized.