16th meeting of the Steering Committee – March 2018

28. 04. 2018

The Chairman of the Steering Committee, Pavel Doleček, informed the members about the result of the communication with the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic. According to him, the relevant department of MF considers a payment for EIR in the CzechELib project to be a payment for provision of services, not a license fee in the sense of double taxation treaties, which is the more favourable outcome for the project.

Jiri Burgstaller stated that an ex-ante check of all EIR tenders was carried out by the OP VVV Managing Authority. According to him, 10 tenders out of 17 are currently in Tenderarena, 2 public tenders have already undergone an interim check, 1 public tender was submitted (EBSCO II).

The Steering Committee approved a new version of the EIR Selection methodology that had been submitted to the March meeting of the Expert Board. Modifications of the previously approved Methodology (18 July 2017, meeting of the SC #9) were necessary as the project implementation revealed the need to refine some of the principles stated in the document.

Jiří Burgstaller also informed about the planned procedure for the selection of new EIRs (especially individual journals) from 2019. Although it will be possible to use the experience thus far, it will be newly necessary, for example, to make a decision about the form of public tenders for certain journals. A negotiated procedure with publication is one of the options; this could delay the schedule for public tenders.

Eva Dibuszová described to the Steering Committee the potential dilemma of research organizations in the selection and subsequent acquisition of the InCites (WoS) and SciVal (Scopus) tools, due to a pending decision about which tool will be used for assessment of research organisations by the Research, Development and Innovation Council (RDIC). Pavel Doleček said that RDIC assessment at national level and the internal evaluation of any research organization according to the valid Methodology should be independent of each other and CzechELib may continue to offer a centralized acquisition of both instruments, provided that the existing share of participation is maintained.