Representatives of CzechELib member institutions have met in NTK

27. 6. 2018

On Monday 25th of June, representatives of CzechELib member institutions met with representatives of the project management. Balling’s hall in NTK was crowded with more than one hundred people in authority, who are the first contact within the institutions in the realization of the individual steps of the project.

The meeting was opened by Martin Svoboda, the director of NTK and the chairman of Technical board of CzechELib. The guests were familiarised with current state of the project by Jiří Jirát, the chief of the license unit. Among other things an appeal to pay all the invoices on time could be heard, concerning the delays of payments to EIR providers so that they wouldn’t threaten smooth access to EIR. Project resources cannot actually be used to pay interests of member institutions, not even temporarily.

In the second part of the meeting, a discussion on the topic of EIR selection for the term from 2019 took place. Institutions, who have expressed interest in individual journals or another sources, are now receiving price quotations. The whole process of selection should culminate after the holidays with signing of the contracts regarding centralised assigning.

At the end of the meeting Jiří Jirát informed the guests about the creation of a working group under the Association of the Libraries of Czech Universities (ALCU), whose goal is to define requirements for a statistical software through which EIR statistics could be monitored.

Presentation of Jiří Jirát 25. 6. 2018 (pdf)