Public technical and specialised libraries can get support for EIRs purchase starting 2020

14. 5. 2019

The target group of CzechELib project was expanded to include “professional public”. This change gives the right to representatives of public technical and specialised libraries to draw financial support for the EIRs purchase from the CzechELib project.

On NTK’s recommendations the Project Steering Committee and the Managerial Body of the OP RDE  has approved of expanding the project’s target group by inviting the professional public to join. The professional public is defined as representatives of public technical and specialised libraries, whose main activity is the provision of library services on a national level according to the specific legislation, bill no. 257/2001 Coll., of libraries and conditions of operating public library and information services (library law), as amended by following regulations.” 

In order for the  institutions that meet the definition to become members they must be first approved by the MB OP RDE. After that they can be listed in the list of member institutions that have the right to claim the support for EIRs purchase, starting in 2020.