American Institute of Physics (AIP)

Free, limited publishing of Open Access articles (hereinafter “OA”) for corresponding authors from institutions that are members of the CzechELib consortium:

  • Brno University of Technology
  • Charles University
  • Czech Technical University in Prague
  • Institute of Physics of the CAS
  • Institute of Scientific Instruments of the CAS
  • J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry of the CAS
  • National Library of Technology
  • Nuclear Physics Institute of the CAS
  • The Extreme Light Infrastructure ERIC (only facility Dolní Břežany, CZ)
  • University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague

Eligible journals: hybrid titles that are subscribed to by at least one institution in the consortium (i.e. Access alone is not sufficient):

  • American Journal of Physics
  • Applied Physics Letters
  • Biointerphases
  • Chaos
  • Journal of Applied Physics
  • Journal of Mathematical Physics
  • Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data
  • Journal of Rheology
  • Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A
  • Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B
  • Physics of Fluids
  • Physics of Plasmas
  • Review of Scientific Instruments
  • Surface Science Spectra
  • The Journal of Chemical Physics
  • The Physics Teacher

The Journal of the Physical Society of Japan is not included and the OA model is not applicable to Physics Today .

Publication types: Brief Communication, Communication, Conference Article, Fast Track or Article-FT, Letter, Note, Perspective, Article, Research Update, Review, Roadmap, Tutorial

Contract duration: 1 January 2023 - 31 December 2025

How does an author publish an Open Access article?

When submitting a manuscript, a corresponding author:

  • must select his/her institution in the Author Information step (Select & Validate Institution),
  • in the Publication Charges and Funding step, he/she can then select Open Access as part of an Institutional agreement.

If the article is accepted for publication, the system verifies the legitimacy of the request and the status of the Read and Publish contract. If the tokens run out (unlikely), the author will be contacted for further action.

Detailed Instructions from the Publisher:

More in detailed guide for authors from AIP.