LWW - Wolters Kluwer

Free publication of a limited number of Open Access articles (tokens) in hybrid titles for

  • 2nd Medical Faculty
  • 3rd Medical Faculty
  • Medical faculty in Hradec Kralove
  • Medical faculty in Pilsen

How does an author publish an Open Access article?

  1. To qualify for the APC waiver, the corresponding author must provide their participating institution’s name and institutional email address in the journal’s submission system.
  2. Authors of accepted peer reviewed articles in subscriptions journals have the choice to publish their work as open access. Authors will be prompted in the revision process to indicate if they would like to choose an open access license for their article.
  3. Wolters Kluwer’s License to Publish (LTP) form must be completed, in full, by the corresponding author on behalf of all the authors before an article can be made open access. All articles published in a hybrid journal will be published under the CC BY-NC-ND license unless you received funding that requires another type of license.
  4. On acceptance, the corresponding author will be asked to place an open access order in the publisher’s payment portal where they will be able to request the APC be funded in accordance with this agreement. A $0.00 APC will then be applied.
  5. His request is approved in the Institution's Rightslink system.