Overview of transformative agreements

The main parameters of the transformative agreements 2023+

Note: if the column "Number of APCs/Tokens in 2023" shows a percentage, it means the estimated coverage of the needs of the entire consortium (this may not apply at the level of individual institutions)

Publisher Unlimited APCs? Number of APCs in 2023 Contract up to (including) Free APCs - included in the transformative deal? Eligible journals
ACM yes - 2025 yes hybrid + Gold OA
ACS yes - hybrid
AIP no 100% needs of the consortium hybrid, only Subscription titles
CUP yes - hybrid + Gold OA
De Gruyter no 1-2 APCs per collection hybrid + Gold OA
Emerald no 20 (app. 100% needs of the consortium) hybrid, subscribed collections + Gold OA
IOP yes - hybrid + Gold OA
Karger yes - 2027 hybrid + Gold OA
LWW no 5 APCs for the whole ageement 2023-2025 2025 hybrid
OUP yes - hybrid + Gold OA
RSC yes - hybrid + Gold OA
SAGE - - no: deep discount: APC = 200 GBP in hybrids+ discount 20% on APC in Gold OA hybrid, subscribed collections + Gold OA
Springer no app. 60-70 % needs of the consortium yes hybrid
T&F no 140 hybrid (inc. Premium APC)
Wiley no app 100% needs of the consortium 2026 hybrid

APCs Approval Administration

Publisher Active verification required? Who is the responsible for verification? Verification system Required verification speed / days Option to opt-out from OA publishing, if the author's request is rejected, or there will be no token left Note Reporting
ACM no - - - - -        Distributed by NTK
ACS yes NTK RightsLink 5 yes
AIP AIP dashboard 30 yes
CUP RightsLink 5 yes
De Gruyter RightsLink 5 yes
Emerald no - - - yes
Karger - Available in the dashboard
OUP yes NTK - 7 no After the OA article is rejected by the admin, the author will have to pay the APC. Distributed by NTK
LWW institions RightsLink  5 - Only charles University Available in the dashboard
RSC no - - - yes Distributed by the publisher
SAGE SAGE online portal 5 - Distributed by NTK
Springer yes institions or NTK Springer Nature Article Approval Service (AAS) 3 + 4 yes If the OA administrator is inactive, the article will be automatically approved by the publisher after seven days Available in the dashboard
T&F TF Research Dashboard 5  -
Wiley Wiley Open Access Administrator Dashboard (WOAAD) 5