Development of the project approved by the Monitoring Committee

09. 05. 2018

Members of the Monitoring Committee of the Operational Programme Research, Development and Education have heard the report on progress of the CzechELib project presented by Jiří Burgstaller, the Chief Project Manager. Neither the Committee members nor the representatives of the European Commission had expressed any concerns, which means the project is on the right track and we can focus on activities planned for the next six months:

Perspective of the next reporting period (about 6 months):

  • Ending negotiations and concluding all contracts with providers of EIR for 2018+
  • Concluding agreements with member institutions on EIR 2018+
  • Identifying the needs and voting of member institutions on acquiring EIR 2019+
  • Launching market consultations and public procurement procedures for EIR 2019+
  • Launching public procurement procedures for the Electronic Records Management System (ERMS) module and Statistical module
  • Creating a Methodology for negotiating licenses, Methodology for acquiring and operating the EIR, Methodology for evaluating user statistics

Full presentation here.