Statistical system CELUS

Member institutions are now able to look into electronic information resources (EIRs) usage statistics. Thanks to the CELUS system they can monitor the usage of EIRs purchased, both the ones procured through CzechELib and those procured elsewhere. The methodology
of evaluation of the EIRs usage statistics can be found in the Documents section.

The system offers:

Automatic download of EIRs usage data via the SUSHI protocol, as well as the possibility to define the structure and record data for EIRs whose statistics are not according to the COUNTER standard. Also a broad scale of graphically represented information, for example:

  • Comparison of the usage of individual platforms,
  • usage of the EIRs in months and denied accesses,
  • options for advanced filtering and setting of the report (by the type of the document, type of the licence, etc.) and more.

Placement of the system:


Authentication: for CELUS system is the same as for ERMS, via (Czech academic identity federation).

Authorization: person, that is assigned to an institution in ERMS. If the person has the position of administrator, he or she can also edit SUSHI. If he or she doesn’t have the role of administrator, he or she can only browse the statistics. If you are not registered in ERMS, please consult with the authorized personnel of your institution and contact us.

Here you will find:

Full data not just for your institution – other institutions are anonymized in the comparisons.

Sources from outside of CzechELib and their downloading through CELUS system:

If it can do it, you can even set the link for the SUSHI platform. If it can’t, you can import statistics through uploading in a defined format. We will gladly help you set up your platforms which are not provided by CzechELib. Setup and fine-tuning of SUSHI link is not a trivial undertaking, especially for a new platform.

System usability:

Data about EIR usage enable the management of the member institutions to specify strategic decisions, planning and EIR usage measurement. At the same time you can use the data to ascertain the interest in not yet subscribed journals or books (“denials”). Warning: the system fine-tuning and downloaded data check will take even more time, approach the outputs with care (especially when compared to other institutions, where you can’t be sure what settings the institution are using). In case of questions about logging in, the results
or potential system errors we are available at

More detailed info about the system can be found at this webpage:

Notice: Starting in 2020, CzechELib is offering statistical data only through the CELUS system.