EIR Management System - ERMS

Through ERMS (Electronic Resources Management System) the member institutions have the possibility to manage the agenda connected with securing and enabling of electronic information resources. Thanks to that they can find all the necessary information about purchased electronic resources in one place and at the same time they can easily keep track of the workflow of specific resources.

The system offers:

  • Resources and consortia management
  • Invoice records
  • Budget watching

System location



  1. Logging into ERMS is done via eduID.cz (Czech academic identity federation). On the website https://erms.czechelib.cz/ you can choose your institution from the available list and input your login information.
  2. In case your institution is not on the list, you can use your Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, or ORCID profile (CESNET supplies the login through the listed social networks). HOSTEL eduID login is no longer available, having ended on December 31, 2020, so please use the login alternatives listed above. Thank you. 
  3. After a successful login the system will show you to a button “Požádat o přístup”. Click it and contact us with a request for access at info@czechelib.cz.
  4. Based on your request we will create an account for you with the role of either administrator or employee. A user with the “employee” role can look through all the information about acquired resources, consortia, prices and budgets. Users with the “administrator” role can add new entries and edit their own existing entries. They can also manage the roles of other people assigned to a given institution.

Resources outside of CzechElib

Admins can add to their institutions EIRs secured even outside of CzechELib. If you can’t find the required resource in the pull-down menu, inform us please at info@czechelib.cz and we will add it into the system.

System usability

Information contained in the system clearly arranges the records of the acquired electronic resources, which makes the day-to-day agenda connected with their securing and enabling easier. Another advantage is the possibility of budget keeping of a given institution. In case of questions regarding logging in, results or potential system errors we are available at info@czechelib.cz.