The Road to Open Access

According to the Czech Republic’s National Open Access to Scientific Information Strategy 2017–2020, Open Access to the results of research financed from public sources (Open Access) means
the provision of free and unrestricted online access to scientific information to the end user with
the possibility of the further reuse of this information.

The transition to Open Access promotes the dissemination of science and the exchange of knowledge, encourages innovation, and maximizes the benefits of science while fully respecting the rule of law,
in particular copyright and industrial property rights. For the purpose of this strategy, “scientific information” means scientific publications and research data.

An Action Plan for National Open Access to Scientific Information was prepared to set the key steps
for the implementation of selected priorities of the Strategy. This was valid for the duration
of the Strategy, and subsequent steps in this area will form part of the National R&D&I Policy 2021+, including the procedure for the possible provision of access to research data.
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