Školení EIZ

Na této stránce naleznete seznam školení, konferencí a webinářů a to včetně archivu akcí. Pokud je anotace v anglickém jazyce, akce bude v tomto jazyce realizována.

Speciální akce od poskytovatelů EIZ:

V současné době nejsou žádné speciální akce.

  • SAE Mobilus Spotlight on using Mobilus Beta

    20. 2. 2024 - 22. 10. 2024

    Rádi bychom Vás informovali o webinářích SAE, které se budou konat v termínech: 20. 2. 2024 – 15:00 / 26. 3. 2024 – 14:00 / 25. 6. 2024 – 15:00. Registrace je možná zde .

  • Elsevier Spring/Summer 2024 webinar

    15. 5. 2024 - 7. 6. 2024

    We’re pleased to announce our schedule of webinars and “drop-in” sessions, each developed to share insights with researchers, research managers and librarians towards advancing their work. Registration here.

  • Global Reaxys User Day 2024

    12. 6. 2024

    AI is revolutionizing the field of chemistry, delivering tangible value to chemists today while opening a world of possibilities for the future. In Global Reaxys User Day 2024, you will learn firsthand from Dr. Quentin Perron, Iktos’ Chief Scientific Officer, how AI is empowering chemists to design and synthesize novel compounds in record time. Speakers from Merck, Novartis and Corteva will share how Reaxys is helping them accelerate their research. Additionally, the Reaxys team will unveil exciting new releases and their future vision for Reaxys. Registration here.

  • Publish with Wiley: Scientific Writing Tips for Non-Native English Speakers

    18. 6. 2024

    This webinar is designed to address the challenges faced by non-native English speakers when writing research papers for English language journals. This session offers practical tips and strategies to improve grammar, punctuation, and overall writing skills. Registration here.

  • Communicating Your Research Using Social Media

    20. 6. 2024

    This webinar provides practical strategies and best practices for leveraging social media platforms to effectively communicate your research to diverse audiences. Whether you're a seasoned researcher or just starting out, this webinar helps you understand the different social media platforms, tactically pick the one or two that are right for you, and successfully leverage those platforms to expand the reach of your research. Join us as we dive into the online world and figure out how to make it work for you. Registration here.