License Agreements

Agreements closed in 2018. The list can be modified by member institutions using the filter feature.

ID Resource Contract
39IOPscience extraAlbertina XVIII_IOPscience extra_SLA_20201218
251JSTOR Museum collectionJSTOR_III_SLA_20201218
261JSTOR Health & General Sciences
418JSTOR Security Studies Collection
527JSTOR Sustainability Collections
529JSTOR Public Library II
528JSTOR Public Library I
530JSTOR Public Library Remote Access
192Taylor & Francis - Mathematics and StatisticsAlbertina_XV_Taylor&Francis_SLA_20201231
255Taylor & Francis - Medical Library
177Taylor & Francis Business, Management & Economics
81Taylor & Francis Science & Technology Library
82Taylor & Francis Social Science & Humanities Library
86UpToDate AnywhereAlbertina XVI_UpToDate Anywhere_SLA_20201218
87Web of ScienceClarivate_VI_WoS_SLA_20201223
140Central and Eastern European Online LibraryAlbertina XVIII_CEEOL_SLA_20201218
321InCites - Benchmarking & AnalyticsClarivate V_InCites_SLA_20201223
366InCites MyOrganization
307American Journal of Human GeneticsElsevier_VIII_CellPress_SLA_20201218
309Cancer Cell
314Cell Stem Cell
315Current Biology
32601Bookport - Collection Psychology and PedagogyGrada_II_Bookport_SLA_20201218
32602Bookport - Collection Businness
32603Bookport - Collection Technique
32604Bookport - Collection Medicine
453Statista Campus LicenseStatista_SLA_20201218
531SCOAP3 Ebooks CERN_Addendum_Books_20210122