Project preparation

Since the end of the 90s the Czech government has supported the purchase of electronic information sources as an essential “resource” for improvement of research and education – as it is also common in a number of developed countries. Even though it is economically desirable to closely coordinate purchase of required sources of individual institutions, the support has been for a long time provided in the form of an economic competition. In year 2016 there were approximately 18 consortia serving from a very few up to 70 institutions; in total there were 130 institutions subscribing to circa a hundred of sources (which can be a simple individual important journal or a collection of a few thousand journals or hundreds of books).

This model has gradually self-optimised when it comes to number of “consortia”, yet still, according to a study carried out by Deloitte, suffered from high administrative burdens, fragmentation and from that emerging scattered negotiating competence creating sub-optimal license and pricing conditions. Due to the influence of funding a part of the “projects” from European funds the fragmentation grew even bigger.

That’s how the idea of one centre came to light – CzechELib, a centre with a concentrated negotiating authority that will effectively take care of electronic information sources procurement for the whole RDI area, it will manage the sources and it will manage trustworthy statistics about their usage. For the above mentioned reasons comes the centralised coordination of EIR access provided to public universities represented by Czech Rectors Conference and Council of Higher Education Institutions, Academy of Sciences of Czech Republic, National Library of Czech Republic, National Library of Technology, The Research, Development and Innovation Council, Association of Libraries of Czech Universities and other important organisations. Project goals and project charter were continuously discussed with nominated delegates of the above mentioned subjects within the boundaries of close and broader work group.

Process of project preparations

2010           Discussions about the inefficiency of electronic information sources procurement systems start to surface.
February 2012       Prof. Málek presents an amendatory proposal to the RDI proposal for announcement of “Information – basis of research” programme.


      Deloitte study, presentation and negotiation with ALCU.
October 2013      

KRE conference with attending representatives of national centres of Estonia, Finland and Norway.

2014       Discussion with representatives of universities and AS CR.
June 2015       Start of negotiations with deputies Plaga and Velčovský after minister Valachová’s ascension.
November 2015       The beginning of the cooperation between the National Library of Technology and Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, delegation of a project plan to the director Martin Svoboda, nomination of the working groups members.
29. 1. 2016       1st round table – introductory presentation of the project at the Broader group, Work group and MEYS group meeting.
March - July       Work on the Project goal and the Project charter.
18th July 2016       2nd round table – decided about shortening the time for EIR purchase support from project’s funds.
26th July 2016       Conference of the MEYS management decided to approve the Project goal.
11. August 2016       Founding meeting of CzechELib Managerial board.
30th August 2016       The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports confirmed the CzechELib Project Charter, authors of the document are the director Ing. Martin Svoboda and Ing. Eva Dibuszová, Ph.D.
23rd September 2016       Monitoring board of OP RDE unanimously approved the CzechELib project and recommended submitting request for support.
13th October 2016       Managerial body has approved the project’s preparation of project request with minuscule changes. Deadlines of discussion, approval and preparation of the legal act postpone the start of the project to January 2017.
21st October 2016       2nd meeting of CzechELib Managerial board.
30th November 2016       3rd meeting of CzechELib Managerial board.
5th December 2016       Selection committee approves of the project with minuscule changes.
9th December 2016       First information meeting of applicants for participating in the project.

20th December 2016


Managerial body has signed the Legal act. Project can start on the 1st of January 2017.