Organizational structure

Steering Committee

The project Steering Committee is the supreme body of CzechELib. It has 5 members, including representatives of the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports („MEYS”), the target group (Academy of Science CR and universities) and the project leader (NTK). The Steering Committee has been established by appointment by the Deputy Minister for Section III.

Project Supervisory body

The Project Supervisory body supervises the project implementation, and is accountable to the Project Steering Committee, for which it also serves as the administrative office. Project supervision is performed by one delegated person from Dpt. 33 of MEYS.

Chief Project Manager

The Chief Project Manager is accountable to Project Steering Committee. The CPM is responsible
for day-to-day activities (as part of the direct project and team management) leading to the
handover of agreed outcomes in the planned time, budget and quality. The CPM is responsible for accurate and complete reporting in accordance with the regulations of the operational program. He also analyzes risks and submits necessary project changes to the Steering Committee.

Director of CzechELib

The Director of CzechELib manages the professional side of the project, communicates with
the guarantors of individual key activities, the Expert Council and the NTK Director.

Project Team

The project team ensure personnel, legislative and financial support for the project, as well as activities
associated with monitoring reports and requests for payment from OP RDE.

Project Expert Council

The Project Experts Council is an advisory body consisting of a group of experts - mainly former and current consortia leaders in the LR and OP RDI projects. It is chaired by the Director of NTK.

Guarantors of Key Activities

The Guarantors of Key Activities are experts who coordinate the work of specialists in the relevant key activity.