• 6. 1. 2021

    100% of license agreements for the period of 2021-2022 are signed

    The National Library of Technology managed to conclude all twelve license agreements for the period of 2021-2022 on 31. 12. 2020. Read more.

  • 11. 12. 2020

    The director of NLT appointed main contract negotiator for electronic information resources

    Martin Svoboda, the director of National Library of Technology, has been appointed the main negotiator concerning the negotiation of optimal financial and other contractual conditions of the transformative agreements and concerning the securing, enabling and publishing of electronic information resources. The Research, Development and Innovation Committee has discussed and approved this appointment. Read more.

  • 30. 9. 2020

    CRDI suggested Martin Svoboda for the position of main negotiator in case of negotiating the terms and conditions of transformational contracts

    During the session on September 25th 2020, Research, Development and Innovation Council (RDIC) has approved the mandate for the main negotiator for negotiating optimal financial and other contractual terms of transformational contracts. Read more.

  • 30. 9. 2020

    Remote access

    Major part of EIRs allows not only for access from a given institution, but also remote access. We have prepared a summary of platforms with detailed information about the possibilities of this connection. Read more.

  • 14. 8. 2019

    KRECon 2019: Open Access - Seeking balance

    This year's KRECon Conference is dedicated to one of the main topics of contemporary scholarly communication, the issue of open access to scientific information - Open Access (OA). Read more.

  • 21. 1. 2019

    ACS on Campus is coming to the Czech National Library of Technology

    The American Chemical Society’s premier outreach program will present publishing tips, inform how to grow in peer review, and bring the latest news from SciFinder. Read more.

  • 27. 11. 2018

    Workshop on Tools for Bibliometric Analysis InCites and SciVal

    CzechELib under the auspices of the Council of Higher Education Institutions and the Czech Rectors Conference organized a workshop on possibilities of use of top analytical tools for evaluation of publication activities InCities and SciVaI. Read more.

  • 3. 9. 2018

    Methodology of individual journals selection approved

    The methodology adjusts the selection of individual journals, which commenced in 2018 and concerns itself with securing EIR for the term from the year 2019. Read more.

  • 27. 6. 2018

    Representatives of CzechELib member institutions have met in NTK

    On Monday 25th of June, representatives of CzechELib member institutions met with representatives of the project management. Balling’s hall in NTK was crowded with more than one hundred people in authority, who are the first contact within the institutions in the realization of the individual steps of the project. Read more.

  • 22. 5. 2018

    17th meeting of the Steering Committee – May 2018

    Jiří Burgstaller informed members of the Steering Committee on the state of public tenders. He stated that the deadline for signing Agreements on Provision and Availability of EIRs for member institutions was set to 4 June. Read more.