• 14. 5. 2019

    Public technical and specialised libraries can get support for EIRs purchase starting 2020

    The target group of CzechELib project was expanded to include “professional public”. This change gives the right to representatives of public technical and specialised libraries to draw financial support for the EIRs purchase from the CzechELib project. Read more.

  • 7. 12. 2018

    CzechELib negotiates activation of institutional login for its members

    CzechELib team has recently approached the EIR provider with a request for activation of the institutional login Shibboleth via eduGAIN, which is used in EIR for authentication for remote access and personalisation. Read more.

  • 26. 11. 2018

    Taylor & Francis Publishing has offered free 100 e-book titles to the Consortium

    Representatives of Taylor & Francis Publishing have apologized for the hold-up with the signing of the license contract and for confusion during negotiations, and as a goodwill gesture they have offered 100 e-book titles for Taylor & Francis consortium under CzechELib for free. Read more.

  • 31. 8. 2018

    License Agreement with SUWECO closed

    Agreement with SUWECO, exklusive representative of SAE International and American Chemical Society (ACS). Read more.

  • 11. 4. 2018

    First two License Agreements concluded

    First agreement covers database of resources (C.H.Beck public tender). The second agreement governs usage of lEEE/IET Electronic Library (EBSCI II. public tender). Read more.

  • 12. 10. 2017

    Up-to-date List of Titles in EIRs Collections

    Institutions participating in CzechELib are interested in detailed lists of titles in major EIRs collections. Read more.

  • 14. 9. 2017

    List of excluded EIRs

    After voting in August, we have generated a list of EIRs which will not be provided via CzechELib in 2017. Read more.