• 2. 7. 2018

    CzechELib is introducing its new director

    As of July 1, Ing. Jiří Krňák took up his duties as a director of CzechELib. Jiří Krňák is an experienced manager. In past he has held key management positions in various companies such as Lego, Inter-Informatics, Howden or Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences. Among other agenda he dealt with public procurement proceses. Mr. Krňák graduated from Faculty of Mechanical Engineering CTU in Prague. Read more.

  • 27. 6. 2018

    Representatives of CzechELib member institutions have met in NTK

    On Monday 25th of June, representatives of CzechELib member institutions met with representatives of the project management. Balling’s hall in NTK was crowded with more than one hundred people in authority, who are the first contact within the institutions in the realization of the individual steps of the project. Read more.

  • 22. 5. 2018

    17th meeting of the Steering Committee – May 2018

    Jiří Burgstaller informed members of the Steering Committee on the state of public tenders. He stated that the deadline for signing Agreements on Provision and Availability of EIRs for member institutions was set to 4 June. Read more.

  • 9. 5. 2018

    Development of the project approved by the Monitoring Committee

    Members of the Monitoring Committee of the Operational Programme Research, Development and Education have heard the report on progress of the CzechELib project presented by Jiří Burgstaller, the Chief Project Manager. Read more.

  • 4. 5. 2018

    National Library of Technology concluded seven more License Agreements

    License Agreements recently concluded with several publishers and exclusive suppliers of EIRs specify conditions for access and use of hundreds of thousands of titles by the member institutions of CzechELib. Read more.

  • 28. 4. 2018

    16th meeting of the Steering Committee – March 2018

    The Chairman of the Steering Committee, Pavel Doleček, informed the members about the result of the communication with the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic. Read more.

  • 11. 4. 2018

    First two License Agreements concluded

    First agreement covers database of resources (C.H.Beck public tender). The second agreement governs usage of lEEE/IET Electronic Library (EBSCI II. public tender). Read more.

  • 28. 2. 2018

    15th meeting of the Steering Committee – February 2018

    At the beginning of the meeting, Martin Svoboda explained to the members of the Steering Committee the reasons for the termination of the employment of the Director of CzechELib, Jan Černý. Read more.

  • 13. 2. 2018

    Changes in Project Leadership

    The CzechELib Director Jan Černý decided to resign on his post for personal reasons. Read more.

  • 13. 2. 2018

    New Members of the Expert Council

    Let us welcome two new members of the CzechELib Expert Council – Mrs. Barbora Katolická and Mr. Jiří Polách. Read more.